Career Options for a Good Communicator

Maintaining a conversation is a skill on its own. When a person can keep up with other people’s thought and influence their ways of thinking, that person is talented in interpersonal communication. And in business, a communicator is the one who holds the key to lucrative deals and negotiations.

And if you think you have the know-how of getting through people with words, you should consider having a career on these following business occupations.

Customer service

Customer ServiceCustomer service department handles the customer-related issues such as complaints and inquiries. A customer service (CS) agent is expected to know the basics of market psychology and communication skills. When the customer seems to get lost with the company’s products, the CS agent is the one responsible for guiding him/her.

The career prospect for a customer service agent is huge. There are even opportunities online offered by outsourced call center or contact service. If you are interested, you can find one example on KPI Connect on LinkedIn. They are internet based contact service company with experience and reputable clients. Try to profile them and see if there is a vacant position available.

Being a customer service agent also means that you are going deal with the customers directly, which is a valuable chance for you to sharpen your negotiation and persuasion skills. They are so transferrable to other fields, the next time you find yourself in the position of a supervisor or manager, you will no longer experience the difficulties to communicate with people.

Personal assistant

Personal AssistantBeing a personal assistant can be either a very flexible or a life-binding profession. When you work for a very demanding boss, then you might not have the chance to have a proper personal life. But such a burden usually comes with high rewards.

Being a personal assistant can be flexible because there are virtual personal assistant agencies these days. You can manage someone’s activities, contacts, and business appointments from afar. Usually, you will get paid per hour. And the more tasks you need to accomplish the more payment you will receive.

Public relations specialist

pressWhen a company wants to represent themselves to the public, they do it through public relations (PR) specialists. They are different from customer service department because a PR agent targets a more general audience. They are the ones who write a press release of a company and are supposed to be the expert on how journalism should portray the profile of the company. PR department is more of a corporation propaganda agency.

To aim for a position in a corporate PR, you need to have advanced knowledge of mass communication. Your target audience is the general population of your region. And every time there is a potential scandalous issue, it is your job to represent it from a more positive, if not neutral, scope. You need to be very fluent and eloquent in both written and spoken speech.


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